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Not just another shower head

Our Story


Taiwan is a beautiful country with many geothermal hot springs. The warm waters from these hot springs, heated and charged by the earth’s own energy, are able to soothe, revitalize and reinvigorate the body. Soaking in a hot spring is a very pleasurable experience and it is a very popular activity for many Taiwanese. Mr Lin's family business is manufacturing shower products. He loves soaking in a hot spring and enjoys taking hot showers. Each time, after a hot shower, his skin however will itch for a few days. His allergic reaction is extremely uncomfortable and is caused by high amount of chlorine in the water. Moreover, the residual chlorine in the shower water reacts with the water to form Trihalomethanes (THMs), suspected carcinogens. The harmful effects of chlorine and other chemical vapours enter our body through inhalation and absorption through the skin while showering. Especially during a warm or hot shower, our pores on our skin are open and these unhealthy elements will be absorbed through our skin. These insights made Mr. Lin ponder on how to create a shower product that will enable people (including himself) to enjoy a safe, healthy and enjoyable hot shower with chlorine free water and without having to experience uncomfortable allergic reactions.

Combining the new knowledge and insights on the danger of chlorinated water with the experience from his shower business, Mr. Lin dedicated and invested five years on research and development.  Finally, after numerous experiments, he successfully invented the Healthy Luxurious Spa Shower (HLSS) head, a beautiful shower head which uses advanced water purification technology, high quality tourmaline and high quality tri-coloured far-infrared ceramics which produces abundant quantity of anions. This wonderful shower head uses  high quality calcium sulfite from Japan to remove chlorine and heavy metals; high grade tourmaline to produce tiny water molecules to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate cell revitalization thus enabling better skin hydration; high quality tri-coloured far infrared ceramic balls which emit a large amount of anions and far infrared wavelengths to improve anti-oxidation and blood circulation, cell revitalization and delay cell aging.  The main features of the Healthy Luxurious Spa showerhead enhances and promote better health. The aerated shower cleans thoroughly while we are enjoying a spa massage. The patented and unique water outlet increases water pressure, regulates the temperature and flow of water and saves 30% on water. This Healthy Luxurious Spa Shower head has received international certifications and patents in multiple countries.

This safe and enjoyable Healthy Luxurious Spa showerhead has been well received by the public since its launch in Taiwan. We have received many very good feedbacks from users of the Healthy Luxurious Spa showerhead. Mr Lin's creation has provided the opportunity for us to enjoy a healthy and invigorating spa shower. Good things must be shared. So do please share your wonderful healthy and invigorating shower experience with your loved ones and friends. Improve your health by bathing in chlorine free water and enhance your health through an abundant supply of anions.

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