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HLS Shower Head

HLS Shower Head


The Healthy Luxurious Spa Shower Head is not just any shower head. This product promotes a healthier and safer shower, improves our overall well-being by filtering residual chlorine found in our shower water.

5 Key Benefits
> Removes residual Chlorine
> Reduces hair loss caused by Chlorine
> Relieves dry, itchy skin
> Replenishes skin's moisture
> Releases healthy Anions

  • Details

    The HLS Shower Head comes equipped with a Calcium Sulfite Filter which is replaceable, Tourmaline to break down water molecules for better moisture retention and Tri-Colored Far Infra Red balls that emit healthy anions that improve blood circulation and your overall well being.

    Product comes packaged in a box. Replacement filters are available for sale at RM120

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