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Calcium Sulfite  Filter

Calcium Sulfite Filter

The Calcium Sulfite replacement filter is designed with food grade container is used to ensure a safe toxin-free shower. The high quality Calcium Sulfite from Japan in the filter ensures instantaneous chlorine removal. 

By filtering the chlorine from your shower water, you will have a healthier shower that is free from Trihalomethanes (THMs). A chlorine free shower will helps relieve dry-itchy skin, replenishes skin's moisture and helps reduce hair loss caused by chlorine.

  • Details

    The lifespan of the filter is dependent on the quality and chlorine content of the water supply in your housing area. If your home already has an outdoor water filtration system installed, that helps to filter dirt and chlorine then the filter could last for 4 to 6 months.

    One of the best ways is to run a Chlorine test on your shower water after a few months or when you notice some discoloration on the Calcium Sulfite balls. A Chlorine tester can be easily obtained from your local aquarium shop. If your water turns yellow or dark yellow, then it's time to replace the filter.
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