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For a healthy, chlorine-free shower every time.


The Healthy Luxurious 

Spa Shower

Who says taking a shower is just about personal hygiene? 


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Retail Price

The Calcium Sulfite replacement filter is designed with food grade container to ensure a safe toxin-free shower. The high quality Calcium Sulfite from Japan in the filter ensures instantaneous chlorine removal. By filtering the chlorine from your shower water, you will have a healthier shower that is free from Trihalomethanes (THMs). A chlorine free shower will helps relieve dry-itchy skin, replenishes skin's moisture and helps reduce hair loss caused by chlorine.


Produces tiny water molecules which penetrate the skin to help metabolize and stimulate cell vitality. The skin retains moisture better and this helps with atopic dermatitis (a.k.a Eczema) as it prevents skin dryness and tightness. In addition, it can help improve hair quality by preventing split ends, dryness, hair breakage and hair loss.


Tri-coloured ceramic balls releases anions which are beneficial for your overall well being and enhances anti-oxidation; delays cell aging, revitalize cells and provides relief for back and shoulder soreness and enhances blood circulation.


So how does the Healthy Luxurious Spa Shower benefit you and your family?

Produces abundant anions

Delays cells aging

Enhance blood circulation

Prevents skin dehydration

Revitalizes skin

Strengthens hair quality

Relieves back and shoulder soreness

Provides relief to dry, sensitve skin

Calcium Sulfite Replacement Filter

Calcium Sulfite Replacement Filter

The replacement filter is designed to be universal and easy to install.

Shower Hose

Shower Hose

A standard shower hose found in most homes.

Rubber Washer in shower hose

Rubber Washer in shower hose

A rubber washer is commonly found in all shower hoses. This rubber washer protects the adapter of the replacement filter and it also prevents leaking.

Rubber Washer

Rubber Washer

Rubber washers are useful as it prevents leaking. They are inexpensive and can be easily purchased from your local hardware store.

The HLS Shower Head is equipped with a filter is replaceable and that fits almost all shower hoses. As long as you have a hand held shower with a shower hose in good working condition, the HLS Shower Head can be easily installed. 


Before installation, check that your existing shower hose has a rubber washer intact. If your current shower hose does not have a washer, you can easily obtain them from any hardware store. 


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