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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the product so affordable? 

Our mission, objective and priority is to contribute to the good health and wellbeing of fellow human beings and to enable all families to drink hydrogen water which has therapeutic benefits at a very affordable cost.


Is the H2 Hydrogen Water System safe and of good quality? 

We only sell products that are safe and of good quality. We, the founder’s drink the same molecular hydrogen water as you, our valued customers and fellow human beings.


What is the science of Hydrogen Molecular Water System? 

Molecular Hydrogen water is the latest science on water made available thanks to the great work and research by Professor Shigeo Ohta and his team.  Details and researches on the science of molecular hydrogen are available from Professor Shigeo Ohta youtube video and from the molecular hydrogen foundation website.

Where can we buy the H2 Hydrogen Molecular Water System? 

Our H2 Hydrogen Water System and filters can be purchased directly from authorized online sites or through authorized and approved agents. You can also order from this website, simply click here: ORDER NOW

I would like to be an authorised agent. What should I do? 

Please email details to


We are looking for successful individuals who are owners of insurance agencies or successful sales individuals with large number of end consumers. H2 Hydrogen Water System is an excellent  health preventive investment . 


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