Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when to replace the Calcium Sulfite filter?

The lifespan of the filter stick is dependent on the quality of water supply in your area. If your home is already has an outdoor water filtration system installed, then the filter stick could last between 3 to 6 months.


The best way to know is when you notice a significant amount of discoloration in your filter stick. Another very effective way would be to do a chlorine test on your shower water. A Chlorine tester can be easily obtained from your local aquarium shop.  

What can I do if I see water leaking from the shower hose connector?

Check the rubber washer on your current flexible hose. It is probably missing or worn out and needs replacing. You can easily purchase rubber washers from your local hardware store. 


Is this product safe for children & babies? 

The Healthy Luxury Spa Shower filters away chlorine, dirt and heavy metals from shower water, providing a healthy and soothing shower experience even for the most sensitive of skin. It's good for everyone; babies, children and adults. But if you have doubts or your child has special needs, please check with your doctor just to be sure. 


Is there a need to clean contents in the shower head?

There’s no need to clean the contents in the shower head. The filter attachment is designed to filter out impurities that come through the water supply leaving clear, clean and chlorine free water to pass through to the shower head.  


What happens if I see strays from the shower head water outlet sheet?

Overtime small particles may get caught in the shower plate. Gently rub the surface of the plate and the water strays should go back to normal. If the problem still persists then there may a bigger particle caught in the shower plate. In this case, carefully twist and remove the ring on the shower plate and brush the plate facing inside the shower head to remove any particles. Then reattach the plate again and the water should be back to normal. 


What happens when there's discoloration of the Ceramic balls?

The Ceramic Balls are made from natural colored clay under high temperature of around 3000℃ so it is perfectly normal for the clay to discolor slightly overtime.  


How much heat can the shower head withstand?

The shower head is manufactured with high quality material and can withstand a maximum temperature of 80℃.