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About Chlorine


For close to a century, Chlorine is the most common and effective disinfectant used to kill germs and to purify our water. Without the use of chlorine, millions of people around the world would suffer from various water borne diseases. 


However, in recent years, studies have uncovered the negative effects of chlorine treated water. Scientists have discovered that the main problem lies in the reaction between residual chlorine and the organic compounds that exists in our water supply which creates Trihalomethanes (THMs); a carcinogenic substance which is said to be linked to various cancers and disorders.


What most people assume is that pipe water is clean and good for health. They are not consciously aware that pipe water has quite a lot of chlorine and that chlorinated water is bad for our body and health.


Unfiltered water turns a yellowish green color after 4 to 5 drops of residual chlorine test reagent are added. The more water is added, the darker it turns. This indicates a large quantity of residual chlorine in the water. Once the multifunctional health shower head is installed, the water remains clear even after the residual chlorine test reagent, proving that all chlorine residue has been eliminated.

The chlorinated water that we drink, the chlorinated water that we use to prepare our food with and the chlorinated water that we use for bathing will affect our health.

Trihalomethanes (THMs)

Trihalomethanes (THMs ) can be easily absorbed by the body when we shower.  If the shower is warm or hot, our pores are open which allows our skin to readily absorb this carcinogenic substance. In addition to that, our shower room become a gas chamber where we unconsciously inhale these harmful substances as well. 

While chlorine treatment still remains as one of the worlds’ most effective treatment for water, it is important to understand the side effects that it has on public health.

What happens when you put fish into chlorinated water?

They all die within hours. Why then would it be safe in our drinking and shower water? Imagine drinking chlorinated water for 50 years? Imagine taking  shower twice a day with chlorinated water for 50 years?


Chlorine strips the protective oils from the skin and hair, causing excess drying and wrinking of skin as well as dry and brittle hair. To ensure the safety of our health, it is vital that chlorine is removed from our water supply with a high quality health shower head, just as it is imperative to ensure that our drinking water is chlorine free.

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