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What is MXR Healthy Water Technology?

Molecular Multi-Resonance (MXR) Healthy Water is produced by using a special and unique technology which is IP pending. This unique technology converts normal filtered tap water into MXR Healthy water. The MXR Healthy water has excellent energizing properties and hydrates our body at the intracellular and intercellular level. MXR Healthy water enchances our body's natural healing capabilities and is health in liquid form. 


What can MXR Healthy Water do for your health?

Provide relief for Gout, Stroke, Eczema, Psoriasis Patients.

Promotes regular defecation and good digestive health by internally cleansing the body

"Water is the first pillar of health."


MD, Author of Seven Pillars of Health

New York Times, Best Seller

Fresh tasting invigorating water with high anti-oxidants

Hydrates the body more effectively

Improves blood circulation

Promote Skin and Joint health

Promotes kidney and urinary health

Increases energy and stamina

Removes accumulated toxins from the body

Promotes overall health and healing 

Improve weight management

Facilitates cell to cell communication throughout the body

Testing & Certifications


Technical Watch-Over Association, a German certifying body involved with product safety for the European community. 


Tested by Agensi Nuklear Malaysia on Non-Ionizing Radiation of “Bio-Resonance System ( DNCode-7 )